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"Caroline’s Cart will be welcomed by thousands of families who have children with disabilities. This shopping cart will make it possible for kids with disabilities to be part of a family shopping outing. More than this, when families use Caroline’s Cart in neighborhood stores, it sends an important message to everyone who sees them that kids with disabilities are kids first and need to be included." - Sara Brewster, VP Marketing Communications | National Easter Seals
"As a pediatrician and a parent, I have a vested interest in child safety. In my years of practice I have seen many head injuries in young children, and a large number of these have been as a result of falls from shopping carts. In Caroline's Cart, I see not only the potential for a wonderful innovation for disabled children and their caregivers, but for children in general. The cart's design lends itself to accomodating the needs of children with low muscle tone, and also a rambunctious preschooler, allowing the children to be face-to-face with their caregiver, drawing comfort from them, and keeping them in direct line of sight. I strongly believe that Caroline's Cart will bring fundamental, much-needed changes to retail shopping experiences, amusement parks, and any other venues where a child's security and comfort are equally important." - Joseph F. Jolly, M.D., FAAP